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Have you ever had dreams of flying – soaring freely through the air without an airplane?


Perhaps those dreams led me to aviation.  Flying has always meant freedom to me.  Breaking away from the ground to play in the clouds, to soar above fears, concerns, and content to be a small part of the greater whole. Crafting jewelry or playing with words taps into that same creativity for me. Sometimes, my freedom is breaking free of old negative thoughts and habits.  Enjoy my pictures and recollections of the “Good Old Days” of airshow flying.


My aviation memoir, Touch The Sky, captures my years as an airshow pilot and wingrider.  You can follow my flying journey from first introductory flight to professional airshow pilot.  As a flight instructor teaching aerobatics and instruments, or a parachutist learning to pack parachutes and jump out of airplanes, an airframe mechanic, airshow pilot and wingwalker, I was a  woman pilot  who flew at airshows with the Blue Angels, the Thunderbirds and all the top names in the airshow world.  I even got to work with aviation legend Sky King.  My non-fiction aviation book is published by Heartlines Publishing Group.


Heartlines by Sandi features my handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, gold jewelry and copper jewelry.  I combine gemstones with various metals in original design including necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets.  For those of you who love bears, my Southwestern Collection features a variety of Bear jewelry.  


Enjoy the website, drop a note if you want to ask questions or reminisce. Mainly, I hope you touch into the freedom of the Spirit that soars.

    Much loving and joy,

            Sandi Pierce Browne



"May the stars light your way and you find the interior road. Forward!"

                                                                     -traditional Irish farewell-


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